Motor Graders

Motor Graders

Available Applications with price:

TypeStarter OnlyComplete Kit*
8 T, 12$830.00$1,950.00
99 E$830.00$1,340.00
70 D$830.00$1,340.00
*Price for kits equipped with belt drive alternators. Kits include the following parts: 24 volt starter, 24 volt alternator (belt drive or gear drive as required per application), Amp gauge, starter button, 1/0 welding cable in bulk, solder or crimp on bronze cable ends and copper eyes. The customer is responsible for any necessary block off plates and small wire to connect the alternator output to the amp gauge and amp gauge to the positive battery cable connection as well as small wire to connect the starter button to the solenoid. All units come with complete instructions. Machines that require hole boring will come with boring templates and bolt hole centering dowels.

Gear dive alternators (pictured below) are available separately from the kit for $625.00 plus freight. They are required for D4, D6, most Motor Graders and some D7 and D8 applications.

When ordering you will need to specify the correct starter drive housing pattern for your application. Please refer to the following patterns so that we may supply you with the correct drive housing for your application.

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